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Review: [2011.09.21] Lustknot. - A BRUTAL FACT (maxi-single)

Posted by opus on 2011.10.12 at 14:19
機嫌: exhausted
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[2011.09.21] Lustknot. - A BRUTAL FACT (maxi-single)

3. 桔梗

This song begins with some kind of weird effect in the intro that seemed insect-like almost, so I wasn't sure what to make of that... but once that passes after the scream, it gets better. I'm really liking Yuki's voice in this song, especially doing the long "yeah" part. There's also one part in the second verse where the vocals do this singing/talking thing, which sounds very cool. And when it slows down after the second chorus, and Yuki uses his falsetto, it sounds really nice. I'm mostly talking about the vocals for this song since they are a little overpowering, and although the music is at a good pace, nothing about the instrumentals really jump out at me.
RATING: 7/10

As soon as the song begans, I was hooked right away into the seductive melody of the guitars. Coupled with the deep, taunting vocals, it makes it the perfect song to lure someone right in. Even though they seem to play the same chord a lot, it sounds good with the beat that it's playing to. The screaming parts aren't just some random screaming either, it fits in very well with the rhythm, going to the same beat as the music, which is screaming done right. Love the guitar solo, and when vocals do a brief scat singing. This song is a perfect combination of dark, heavy, and sexy. It's just such a shame this is the shortest track on the single.
RATING: 8.5/10

桔梗 (4:08)
The bass in the verses of this song won me over, as basslines regularly do. The intro is good, as it gradually builds up to the song. There's a good melody, but nothing about it is particularly unique, though it still sounds good nonetheless. In the second verse, there are instrumental pauses during the vocal parts, which brings something a little different to the song that it lacks in other areas. The drums are also much easier to hear in this song than in A BRUTAL FACT, and the vocals aren't as overbearing. That being said, the score for the first song is a little higher because it made a bigger impact.
RATING: 6.5/10

Lustknot. is a rather new band, who just formed earlier this year and have had a few releases, but they are definitely a band to look out for in the future. It's quite rare for a visual kei indies band to have such good songs right when they form, so you know there's a promising one in the midst when you hear something like this. I was definitely impressed and am looking forward to hearing more.


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