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REVIEW: [2011.10.05] Synk;yet-シンクイェット- - [Re]:birth (maxi-single)

[2011.10.05] Synk;yet-シンクイェット- - [Re]:birth (maxi-single)

1. [Re]:birth
2. Fatal lovers
3. 硝子に映る夢見る少女、羽を求めて…

[Re]:birth (4:44) [sample]
Man, was I ever shocked in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE as soon as the intro began. I could literally listen to it over and over again, and in the words of my friend, as soon as he heard it: "HOLY SHIT THE INTRO TO [RE]:BIRTH IS FRIGGEN AWESOME". Enough said. It's got fast guitars, fast drums; I don't even play those instruments but that must take a lot of skill. The vocals are also very pleasing to the ears. Liki has the kind of voice that seems really common amongst visual kei indies bands nowadays, but it is still nice nonetheless. I really like the overall pace of the whole song, as the awesome gutiars from the intro still continue to impress throughout the rest of the song. The style, especially the catchy melody in the chorus, reminded me a little of ViViD. It was thoroughly enjoyable and without a question a repeat-worthy song. I would definitely want to watch this song being performed live; I can only imagine the energy exerted from the members, especially the drummer, Kouji.
RATING: 8.5/10

Fatal lovers (4:12) [sample]
Another strong start, but falls under the shadows of [Re]:birth. At one point, I heard a very deep bass, and like I've said before, the way to my heart is through the bass guitar. I love the melody of the chorus: very catchy, and I can imagine it stuck in my head for the next few days. The guitar riffs are awesome, with a great fast-paced guitar solo as well. It slows down at 2:49 and gets softer from there, which is a nice rest from the general energetic song. The strings in the background sound very good and give it a nice feel. You can also really hear the bass during these softer parts. It picks up again, and finishes with a strong ending to a strong song.
RATING: 7/10

硝子に映る夢見る少女、羽を求めて… (3:06) [sample]
What I really liked about this intro was the slow, gradual build up to the song, I thought it was a nice effect. It's more upbeat than the first two and not as a heavy, with a very cute melody at first. But when the chorus starts, it starts getting rather strange, like it was changing to a different key that doesn't really fit in with the verses. Unfortunately, this track isn't up to par with the first two, but it did have a rather cool guitar solo. Once again, however, it keeps hitting those weird keys that don't work well with the rest of the melodyline. It leaves me constantly wondering, why do they choose to use this note? It just sounds awkward and not that harmonically pleasing.
RATING: 6/10

So my final thoughts. This is a new band; the members (to my knowledge) haven't been in any significant bands before; this is their first release... AND IT'S ALREADY TIHS GOOD? I was completely BLOWN. AWAY. Ladies and gentleman, this is definitely a new band to keep your eyes open for. Now, you are probably wondering how on earth I could review these entire songs when the release date isn't until October 5th... funny story about that actually was that the band accidentally uploaded the song onto iTunes earlier than anticipated! [Re]:birth is definitely going to be a hard release to follow up on, but I am so looking forward to what they're going to do next. This band has great potential.

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