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REVIEW: [2011.09.21] SCREW - BRAINSTORM (maxi-single)

[2011.09.21] SCREW - BRAINSTORM (maxi-single)

2. Fester
3. L'Oiseau bleu
3. 雨夜ノ独奏者
4. S=r&b (Bonus Track)

So this song had an interesting concept since I read in an interview that Byou wanted this title for a song, so the music was composed around that title. The beginning is interesting and mysterious, with Byou's low whispering. The instrumentals are very good (I like the bass in the verses), but nothing in the vocal melodyline really jumps out at me. Even during the chorus, it's not exactly catchy nor memorable. I definitely enjoy the instrumental breaks in this song more than when the vocals come in. For the record, I enjoy listening to Byou's lower register better, rather than he starts sings in his normal register with his chest voice. Overall, it's a rather average song. Not bad, but not spectacular either (though I am finding myself enjoying it more as I listen to it more, so my opinion on it may change later - the chorus is already starting to sound better to me as I wrote this).
RATING: 6.5/10

Fester (3:01)
I immediately liked the intro to this song; it is definitely more unique and intriguing than BRAINSTORM, so it hooked me in right away. Now, I can enjoy distorted vocals and screams fora bit if they're done well and in the right places, but using it for the entire song is a bit too much, which is what happens in this one. I would enjoy the screaming more if there weren't so many effects put on the normal vocals. I can hear a bit of Byou's almost-normal voice for a brief moment, though (although there is definitely still some effect on it); that actually sounds GOOD so I kind of wish they used that a bit more. Instrumentals on the overall are very enjoyable; they are fast-paced and intense. The guitar plays some good chords, and all the music - bass, guitars, and drums - blend together nicely to form a pretty kickass song, instrumental-wise.
RATING: 6.5/10

L'Oiseau bleu (3:57)
The intro is rather soft, and I find myself liking the sound of Byou's soft voice in the beginning. When the kicks in, it starts on a strange note, it sent chills down my spine because of the lyrics, which I believe are something like "when I close my eyes, I can see your face"? I also really like the part in the chorus when they use the reverb on the vocals to make it echo a bit, which gives it a haunting feeling. The instrumentals in the background are very nice; they keep the song interesting but don't take over and overpower the vocals, which I'm actually enjoying quite a bit in this song. The acoustic solo was a nice touch, and the guitar in general is very pleasant.
RATING: 7/10

雨夜ノ独奏者 (3:49)
This song is definitely different, very swing jazzy, with proinent bass and brass instruments, which all sound very good, and the drums tie it all together. That hookedm in right away since I'm always a sucker for jrock songs with this kind of influence. I like the melody for the verses, but the chorus isn't nearly as catchy as I was expecting it to be. I find that SCREW definitely needs to work on their choruses a bit more; they generally aren't very strong or memorable. There is a very good bass solo and guitar solo though; it shares the jazzy elements that really just makes me want to get up and dance.
RATING: 6.5/10

S=r&b (5:49)
I do enjoy the intro of this song. It's nice and heavy and at a decent pace that reminds me of the "preparation" phase that's not quite yet at the climax, which is very fitting for an intro. The growls in the background are also a cool touch. The vocal melody at the verses is very enticing. Bass is kind of weird though, I just hear three notes being played consecutively and don't really go with the the rhythm. The chorus is actually surprisingly upbeat. There are a bunch of different dynamics to this song, so I'm not exactly sure what to make of it. The guitar solo as well, has a very cheerful feeling to it, whereas the verses were low and mysterious. I like both the chorus and verses as separate entities, but meshed together, it makes it feel like I'm listening to a number of different songs packed into one. The change from the verse to the chorus is very sudden and doesn't flow well.
RATING: 5.5/10

How I feel about SCREW... I don't usually listen to them (though I'm trying - I find them to be an interesting band), so I don't know for sure how their style usually is since I haven't listened to all their songs yet. I always recalled that it was really heavy, so I'm quite surprised at this single (can it even be called a single? It has 5 songs). That being said, it was a pleasant surprise, and I liked how there were different styles incorporated. I'm also not a huge fan of Byou's voice, however. Don't get me wrong, he can sing well, but it has a very generic sound to it and feels like I'm just listening to any other jrock song. Their music in general, isntrumental-wise, is VERY GOOD, but his voice turns their music off for me just a bit.

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