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Posted by opus on 2012.02.02 at 21:34
機嫌: sick
音楽: Synside - SENSE GATE | Powered by Last.fm
It's been quite some time since my last review! First off, Happy New Year! Unfortunately, I got really caught up with school. My apologies for the inactivity! And as such, I have missed a lot of new releases, so I'm not sure whether or not I'll be going back to review them... I guess it will have to depend on how much time I have. But seeing as how school is starting to get really busy for me again, that seems unlikely for the time being.

I am also unsure about whether or not to keep this as a LiveJournal community. LJ has been a dying website for quite some time now, so I am contemplating moving it elsewhere, like BlogSpot or Tumblr or something. But again, busy with school, so I can't make really make any huge changes right now. I do have a new review coming soon though.

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