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REVIEW: [2011.09.14] BORN - Psycho Diva (maxi-single)

[2011.09.14] BORN - Psycho Diva (maxi-single)

1. Psycho Diva

Psycho Diva (3:44) [PV]
The song kicks off in the typical BORN manner with Ryouga's screams. As soon as the instrumental intro hits, heavy and fast-paced, it immediately made me want to headbang along with it. The bass is very cool and noticeable during the verses where the guitars are softer. If you want me to like a song, make sure it's got some sexy bass, so hats off to KIFUMI for that nice touch. And of course, he starts screaming again like the RAWR RAWR RAWR kind of screams that PUMPS YOU UP... BORN always has great screams like that in their songs without it being overkill. Ryouga's vocals satisfy perfectly as usual, in both the verses and the chorus. The chorus has a great melody. Overall an enjoyable song, but it lacked that special something. It sounded a little too much like the rest of their songs for my liking.
RATING: 6.5/10

DAMNED (3:53)
This song has a soft intro and vocals with acoustics, which immediately hooked me in. I felt the growls/rap before the chorus were a little out of place, though. What I really like about BORN's songs is that they always have that cheerscream in the background at the right time that really makes you feel apart of the song; in this one, it makes you want to go YEAH! when they scream YEAH! This is what draws me to their music. This song has a great chorus. I liked this one a little better than Psycho Diva because it had a little more variation. Plus it had a guitar solo, which the first track lacked. Guitar solos are always a plus in my book, however short. The ending, however, was a little abrupt for my liking, so that lowers my score a bit.
RATING: 7/10

The intro starts off sounding like a typical BORN intro that reminded me of white harmony, but I was pleasantly surprised by a slight twist where the lead(?) guitar strayed to a different melody, which sounded amazingly good. Different. There was also the screaming/singing/chanting thing that gets me EVERY TIME and totally makes me want to fistpump. I went into this song expecting something awesome because of how good the verses were, but the chorus left a lot to be desired. It definitely wasn't one of their best. I'm pretty sure there was some engrish in this one too, but of course, it's indistinguishable haha. I could have sworn I heard something like "fuck myself" at one point? Anyway, do I even still need to mention Ryouga's vocals anymore? They are always amazing and strong. This song wasn't quite up to par with the first two songs (that damned chorus), but it was nice nonetheless. Not to mention a better ending than DAMNED.
RATING: 6/10

So in conclusion, Psycho Diva was a nice release. In my opinion, it wasn't really anything special though. It was good; above average compared to other bands, but it sounds too similar to their other songs. The screaming that I mentioned before, though I really enjoy, it can get old after a while. Ryouga really needs to work out some more original melodies for those parts lol. I realize this is just BORN's style, but i'd look forward to them changing it up a little.

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