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September Releases.

These are the releases I'm looking forward to in the month of September. Will probably be posting reviews on most, if not all, of these. Unfortunately I am flat broke paying for tuition, so I won't be able to until there's a rip available (such as in the case of DaisyStripper) /sob. a;ldjf if I could, I'd want to own all of these. But alas, the world is cruel.

09/07 ⇒ DaizyStripper - 月に銃声 [maxi-single]
09/07 ⇒ V.A. - V-ROCK Disney [V.A cover album]
09/21 ⇒ SCREW - BRAINSTORM [maxi-single]
09/21 ⇒ BAELSCOPE - EXCEED [maxi-single]
09/21 ⇒ heidi. - シックスセンス [mini-album]
09/21 ⇒ SuG - SuG Tour 2011 TRiP~welcome to Thrill Ride Pirates~ [live DVD]
09/28 ⇒ シド - いつか [single]
09/28 ⇒ FUTURISM・BOYZ - New period [mini-album]
09/28 ⇒ THE KIDDIE - 美しきREDRUM [maxi-single]
09/28 ⇒ DragonWAPPPPPPER - 6piece [mini-album]
09/28 ⇒ ダウナー - cubic×POD [mini-album]
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REVIEW: [2011.09.07] Alice Nine - Heart of Gold (maxi-single)

[2011.09.07] Alice Nine - Heart of Gold (maxi-single)

1. Heart of Gold
2. Ray
3. ハイカラなる輪舞曲 (another version)

Heart of Gold (3:23) [PV]
The intro is great and very upbeat as soon as it starts and sets the standards for the song, which it meets to the end. Shou's voice is soft, yet assertive. I always feel really moved when I think about how much he has improved over the years. His engrish still needs some work, but it's getting better lol. The hook really lives up to its name; I find that this is always the first part that pops into my head when I recall this song because it's just so damn catchy. The chorus is alright, but the high note sounds a little strange to me, as if Shou is struggling to reach it so quickly. Instrumental-wise, I like how the guitars pretty much never rest; they are always playing some kind of riff in the background, which you can hear but doesn't overpower the vocals. The bass, on the other hand, was hardly noticeable unless I really pressed my earphones in, which disappointed me. Loved the guitars in the ending, and whoo, random growls ftw! Shou knows the way to my heart. A good choice for the a-side, and easily my favorite song of this release. And I'm not just saying that because I can watch Nao all I want in the multi-angle PV.
RATING: 7/10

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REVIEW: [2011.09.14] BORN - Psycho Diva (maxi-single)

[2011.09.14] BORN - Psycho Diva (maxi-single)

1. Psycho Diva

Psycho Diva (3:44) [PV]
The song kicks off in the typical BORN manner with Ryouga's screams. As soon as the instrumental intro hits, heavy and fast-paced, it immediately made me want to headbang along with it. The bass is very cool and noticeable during the verses where the guitars are softer. If you want me to like a song, make sure it's got some sexy bass, so hats off to KIFUMI for that nice touch. And of course, he starts screaming again like the RAWR RAWR RAWR kind of screams that PUMPS YOU UP... BORN always has great screams like that in their songs without it being overkill. Ryouga's vocals satisfy perfectly as usual, in both the verses and the chorus. The chorus has a great melody. Overall an enjoyable song, but it lacked that special something. It sounded a little too much like the rest of their songs for my liking.
RATING: 6.5/10

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welcome to the BLACK THEORY MANIA.

Welcome to btmania 「BLACK THEORY MANIA」, the jrock/vkei review community of opus. The title of this community comes from the title of BORN's BLACK THEORY MANIA mini-album. Membership is closed, all entries are public.

As the brief description mentioned, this is where I will be posting my thoughts on various jrock releases. I'm not a musical genius, so don't expect an extremely detailed technical analysis or anything; I just write how I feel. They will mostly be newer releases, but I will once in a while revisit some old singles/albums that I believe to be worth a listen. I critique hard depending on my own opinions, so a low score in no way means that the track is unworthy; it just means it simply does not appeal to my tastes. Also, although something may be given an average rating, it does not necessarily mean I don't enjoy it. Finally, I must stress that everything here is purely my own opinions, which means that sometimes, we WILL disagree. That is inevitable as everybody has differing opinions. I try my best to critique impartially and not bash any artists; therefore, I hope I don't offend anybody with anything I might write here.

I may also branch into kpop and the occasional western music, but for the most part, jrock is my focus, particularly visual kei. I WILL NOT, however, be posting any downloads here, as there are plenty of other places to find them.

Please feel free to watch this community (the feeling of knowing that people enjoy reading my reviews is great motivation!), and comments are encouraged! I'm interested in how others' thoughts may differ from my own.

Thank you very much, and I hope you enjoy your stay here.

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